• Coaching

    Leadership coaching for mission driven founders and entrepreneurs.


    A coach provides a mirror to reveal the shadow of what we don't know we don't know about ourselves.

    What we have longed for. A dedicated person in our corner, elevating and emboldening us to shine.

    Together you unearth and activate your natural ability as a leader to express what you are here for.

  • Programme

    12-week program

    Structured coaching program

    Weekly video coaching

    1-hour coaching session each week

    Weekly assignments

    We create weekly assignments that allow new models and distinctions discovered through weekly coaching to be put into practice and executed across the week.

    This accelerates adoption of new leadership qualities and behaviour change.

    Success metric tracking

    We get clear on the key metrics of success, bring accountability to your goals with clear cycles of review, retrospective, adaptation and continuous improvement.

  • How It Works

    Personal coaching accelerator 



    We uncover your unique strengths and capabilities.

    We explore your vision and purpose to discover what's best fit for you to bring into the world.


    Design & Develop

    We design a transition plan to bring your vision into reality.
    We get into the nuts and bolts of product & service design and development.



    We track progress and course correct to set your new foundation for success.

    We setup the structure & systems to keep you playing in your sweet spot.

  • Tools and Outcomes

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    Scaling impact through a process to clarify and communicate a clear vision



    • Brand Hourglass
    • Human Centered Design
    • Design Thinking
    • Value Proposition Canvas
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Product Management
    • Lean Startup
    • Customer discovery
    • Desirable-Viable-Feasible-Ethical model
    • 3 Horizons framework
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    Unlocking your unique leadership style through custom profiling and systems of behaviour change



    • KWML archetypes, Strength Finder, and Enneagram 
    • G.R.O.W. framework
    • Landmark
    • Flow states and hedonic calendaring
    • Relationship Eco-mapping
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    Tools & Teamwork

    Establishing systems and enhancing working relationships to achieve high performance work



    • Expectations vs Agreements
    • Agile methodology
    • T-shaped skills profiling and team formation
    • Non-Violent Communication
    • Radical Candor
    • Stages of Team Formation


  • Talks

    Mission Hack - Klaus talks at Google Campus London

    Mission Hack - create your culture, build your brand, and be an on-purpose high performance leader.

  • Testimonials

    Rafael Kaufmann Nedal

    CTO at Digital Gaia

    "Klaus joined the Digital Gaia team at a critical juncture: we needed to quickly move from tech development, exploration and discovery into delivery of a product to achieve product-market fit and amaze stakeholders. With limited time and availability, he played an extremely high-leverage role, deploying a perfect integration of hands-on direction and coaching/empowerment to quickly get the team refocused on the right process and outcomes, with newfound confidence, clarity and alignment across a team with many part-time contributors and distributed across 10 time zones. He showcased his expertise in the disciplines of innovation and entrepreneurship; this hypothesis-driven approach is helping us do the right thing at the right stage in the right rigorous way -- which ended up saving time and money from building the wrong thing. Finally, he gradually established a simple yet powerful dual-track agile structure, and has been facilitating it to help us on-ramp. And all of this within 5 weeks! WIth Klaus now a permanent member of Digital Gaia leadership, I'm 1000% confident that we'll become a world-class product organization and create transformative value for the world." 

    Vincent Dignan

    Growth Hacker / Founder of Magnific (Techstars 2014)

    “Before I met Klaus, I was suffering from overwhelm and a lot of uncertainty about my actions and how to generally improve my life. Klaus has helped me put systems in place which have massively improved my overall happiness, productivity, and success with my business, ultimately leading to coaching me through powerful new ways of being. I had never really considered how personal development can make a massive difference before I began working with Klaus. Differences I've noticed include pushing myself further than I would have otherwise, leading to massive breakthroughs. Recently a stretch goal was to book talks in Los Angeles with no contacts or no idea how to make it happen, I pushed through under Klaus' guidance and booked seven within a month. It's also great on a personal level to have someone to talk through anything that's going on in (my) personal and professional life, to get a sanity check/reflection/advice/accountability.


    I have and would recommend Klaus' coaching to anyone who wants to live a powerful life in abundance. He has made a huge difference in the year we've been coaching together.”

    Ian Randolph

    Product Lead at VisualDNA

    “Klaus can provide a unique contribution to any start-up as a creative with deep expertise as coder.

    His structured methods for connecting and clarifying key messages have helped give us confidence in communicating what we do at Samos, especially around our company name.

    An adaptable thinker of high integrity, Klaus has both contributed to and clarified our mission.”

    Paul O’Connell

    CEO at Ocean Byrne

    “I am very happy to recommend Klaus for the work he did to help me gain clarity on my branding, competitive positioning and communication framework. The processes he has developed and his energy and creativity helped to provide answers I was looking for and more importantly he helped me answer critical questions that were in my blindspots.”

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